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Watch your sodium intake, it’s best under 500 mg/day. Also learn about food combining. Eating fruits and fat together, for example (like apples with nut butter), could cause bloating. Freelee has a great chart about this somewhere. Make sure you’re also eating enough. When you really pack in the fruit it does wonders for your digestive system :)

Definitely. Your body will thrive in carbs. The only way you can lose weight eating high fat is if you work out a TON. Fat converts most easily right into fat on your body. Carbs convert most easily into glucose, and any excess is stored in the muscles and liver. Plus, eating HCLF, you can lose weight WITHOUT working out a lot. It’s healthy to exercise regularly, but as little as 30 min. every other day is fine. Try it out, this is what guarantees long-term results :)

I like them! I don’t eat them very much though because of sodium. If you find some sodium/oil free then you can eat as many as you want!

Being healthy is more important than losing weight. If you have excess fat, you will lose it in time :)

Yes, it tastes like bananas! But because they are frozen bananas, the flavor isn’t very strong. If you can get the texture right, banana ice cream is HEAVENLY. Of course chocolate improves it!

It took me three months to lose 25 pounds. I started seeing results in the first couple weeks.

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