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I wouldn’t call it “healthy”. Maybe “less bad” than a few other choices, but I wouldn’t eat it for your health. Most pretzels are high in sodium and are made with refined flour and corn syrup.

So far I’ve eaten it as a snack on its own, topped nice cream with it, and rolled it into balls & coated them in more shredded coconut :)

I like body weight exercises. I downloaded one of Way of Gray’s ebooks, they are $10 each and the workouts are KILLER but amazing :D She has a free week you can download if you just want to try it out :)

Haha no. I know the body reacts to them differently, but I don’t know the science behind it. What I DO know is that it usually isn’t good to isolate a nutrient, and table sugar is isolated carbohydrate. In fruit, you get carbs, protein, and fat in each bite :)

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