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As a snack it’s fine! Just don’t make a meal out of it. Save your meals for more wholesome foods :)

They’re so good! I don’t eat any right now though. Although I have a big container just sitting in the cupboard 😂 sometimes I’ll add them to smoothies, or eat them plain, or soak them in water and blend them to make caramel :) Eat as many as you want for weight loss! Just keep your carb intake high and your fat intake low ;)

Yes! I prefer gluten-free because it settles better with me, but I eat gluten products if that’s all that is available.


There isn’t a particular amount you “should” weigh. Everyone has their own opinion on what looks good or what is/isn’t considered “thin”. However, if anyone wants to slim down/get to their ideal weight, I recommend eating a high-carb/low-fat, plant based diet. This means eating as many fruits, potatoes, rice, whole grains as you desire, supplemented by any vegetables you want. Feed your body with lots of nutrients from wholesome foods, avoid unhealthy, high-processed and high fat foods, and your body will do the rest :)

Calrose (sticky rice)

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